What I made

Sunday was filled with lots of yummy food topped of with a miraculous Seahawks win!

This Savory Bread Pudding was amaze, pictured below, and the second helping and leftovers were even better. I used grated pecorino to top and probably more mushrooms than called for.

Nikki made previously discussed sausage balls; I couldn’t stop eating them. Served with a side of her mom’s homemade pepper jelly. Susie kicked up the heat on that batch, but so yum. She also made the frozen bananas dipped in yogurt and then rolled in coconut and oats, they made a nice light treat!


Crêpes also happened because I could not get this Lemon Cream out of my head, it is so buttery, tart and delicious. I am going to need to make scones this week so that I can slather it all over them. The blueberry compote was, meh. I used frozen wild blueberries and did not factor in their moisture content, so it ended up more watery and less compote-y.


Nikki also provided the afternoon snack…sausage in puff pastry with an assortment or mustards, need I say more? She is pretty obsessed with mustards, and it has rubbed off on me.


In non food news, I picked up some yarn this weekend and started baby’s first hand knit sweater, can’t wait to see her in it in a few months time. It has been far too long since I have knit a fun project for myself. Looking forward to posting more on that when it is complete! Lastly, I should be getting our crib in the mail today and tonight marks our first HypnoBirthing class, it has me quite intrigued…



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