Little Lady’s Nursery

Now that we are under 3 months away from Little Lady’s arrival (!!!) it is time to get organized about the nursery. Time, as always, continues to fly by and I can imagine the next year will literally slip through my fingers. I am trying to savor each little belly glance in a mirror and every wobble that I have been experiencing as of late. Once she arrives, I know that we will be spending much time in her room and I want it to be a place where both her, husband and I will feel comfortable. It was also important to me that the room design will be something that she can grow into over time and won’t need much changing over the next few years.

All images used to create the board were obtained from the corresponding links below.


  1. The pom pom trim on these PB Teen Curtains are adorable. I will likely end up DIYing something similar with these MERETE Curtains from Ikea for over half of the price. This will require dusting off the sewing machine and looking for some pom pom trim.
  2. This Himalayan Salt Lamp with serve double duty. It creates a soft relaxing glow but also ionizes and removes impurities from the air. I have already purchased one and we really enjoy the ambiance while using it in our living room; I will likely replace it with a larger one once it goes to it’s new home in the nursery.
  3. I loves these little Branch Hooks to hang headbands, little jackets or hooded towels on.
  4. Antlers with flowers, Need I say more? Target FTW, always.
  5. My husband said I must really want this rocker, because he sees me looking at it all the time on my computer. It is true, I look at it a lot.
  6. Not sure if I am sold on this exact foot stool, but I do love the looks of it with the rocker. I wasn’t as impressed with the quality of the yarn fringe in person vs the photo online though. :/
  7. Debating between Ralph Lauren Pasha Pink, shown in the mood board, or Myrtle Pink for branches on the accent wall that the crib will go against. Decisions, decisions.
  8. The Branches! I have always loved birch wallpaper, but it can be costly, even for an accent wall. I was so happy to discover that Etsy sellers make stencils to achieve a similar look! There are many varying stencils to choose from, but I really liked these ones. I think I will need patience, persistence and an imaginary mimosa with this project… Image credit to Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy.
  9. To soften the modern look of the crib and rocker, I am including an antique french provincial style dresser that belonged to my great-grandmother. This will also double as our changing table for Little Lady.
  10. Vertical storage space is always a plus. This 3-tier basket can house socks, soothies, creams, diapers, toys and the like. Keeping essentials within easy reach whilst frantically changing or distracting from changing a diaper.
  11. More soft lighting in the form of an adorable woodland fawn.
  12. The crib. Modern and sleek for a Little Lady or Little Man. Also converts to a toddler or twin bed frame down the road. Currently is set up in our living room for the past two weeks until we clear space in the back bedroom. I enjoy looking at it every day. 🙂
  13. The primary color of the room will be a soft gray. Leaning towards Ralph Lauren Squire, it feels like a good balance to me, not too cool. I think it will compliment the soft pink of the birch branches as well.
  14. The piece that started it all, Boheme play blanket. Modern, feminine and just enough color for me. I have the matching crib sheet as well as two differing prints to mix it up a little. I am foregoing bumpers or a crib skirt, I would hate to hide my favorite details on the bottom of the crib.

That is it so far! Creating this has helped me organize my thoughts and vision with where I would like to take the nursery. Can’t wait to share and show more as it unfolds over the coming months. We are planning to purge the future nursery room this weekend and think up some better storage solutions for the closet.

Any thoughts or suggestions on additional items you think make work? I would love your input!

Lastly, I have been on a ricotta scone kick the past week, they are highly addictive… So far I have made white chocolate cherry and lemon almond poppy seed variations. Recipe to follow soon!

Happy Hump Day!


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