Baby Knits


Baby is right! This past month has been filled with so many celebratory gatherings that it has distracted me from sharing the knits I have been working on for Little Lady! So far in the past 30 days I have completed a Hypnobirthing class, had one bachelorette party, 3 (!!) baby showers, 1 bridal shower, 1 engagement party, 1 baking order for 150 people, a rehearsal dinner and lastly bridesmaid duties in a wedding this weekend! It has been so fun reconnecting with my friends as we are all going through major life events, the love and support we have been giving/showing one another truly makes my heart so full and makes me feel so incredibly thankful and blessed for the friendships in my life.

Side note, that banner was made by my friend Nikki for one of my baby showers, naturally I was inclined to take this adorable piece of craftery home.

Needless to say, I have been in need of some therapeutic downtime over the past few weeks when I can snag it…that came in the form of some sweet knitting projects. My yarn stash was in need of being used up and these little pieces have been the perfect outlet to do just that.


Okay, so I may have purchased the yarn to make that sweater, but I did have a gift card to use up. It is the softest baby llama yarn and has a tinge of fuzzy character to it. The knitting pattern is the Lazy Daisy dress-up kit and you really should click on the link, even if you don’t knit, because the baby modeling the jacket and turban is seriously adorable. Do it now.

I did add a picot bind off along the front trim of the cardigan to give it a light ruffle flair. It will be perfect for cooler spring days as we transition into summertime.


This little vest is a modification made on the Quick Oats pattern. I omitted the sleeves and lowered the buttons to be bottom up instead of top down. This yarn is from a local yarn shop in New Orleans and was purchased on a trip we took there few years back. Pretty certain is merino wool, incredibly soft and warm, not at all scratchy. It is nice to finally have found a small project to use it up on! The buttons are scavenged from a stash that once belonged to my late Grandma Ione, a special touch of her on this vest brings a smile to my face.

The Gansey Booties have been modified with the addition of a dainty antler cable along the top of them. I also made the cuff a bit long so that they can be worn folded over or up the full length of the calf to keep those baby legs warm.


Lastly, I created this pattern to highlight my chartreuse and antler cable adoration. The purling texture really highlights the cable and allows it to stand out as it should. This merino wool yarn has a touch of silk in it which gives a nice sheen to the cables in the light. Plus, a little pom pom to top it off, because that never hurts atop a baby’s head.

I started knitting consistently through my last years of college as a way to relax from school work. My Grandma Bonnie, a former yarn shop owner and crafter extraordinaire, had taught me how to knit when I was little and I am blessed to have had the itch passed down to me.

My time spent knitting has ebbed and flowed over the years and tends to be seasonal as the cooler months approach but I always have hopes of continuing to knit through the warm summer months as well, this year will be my year. I have a few knit tank tops on my mind…

Have you thought about wanting to try knitting? It is never too late to learn anything, I am a firm believer in that, and there are so many great classes available as well as you tube tutorials other knitters have put together that I still reference to this day!


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